Raising the roof

coming soon….

The plan

The roof is currently slightly too low & the windscreen too thin to be safe on todays roads so the plan is to raise the roof by 30 – 40mm and fit a taller windscreen / side windows. The side windows will also stretch further back to meet the door edge

Todo list:

  • Cut existing roof off
  • Raise it to where I want it, side windows level, windscreen angle correct, rear window / door working – use MDF
  • Finish outside with body filler and then sand it down
    • Make sanding block with 3mm ply 12″ long, 4″ side with small knobs on the back. Start with 40 grit, through to 240.
  • Paint with polyester primer

Mould now complete for making new roof
Pat Cuss at www.fibreglassapplications.co.uk (01373864359)

  • Will then need to fit roll bars / seatbelt mounts